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In-Home Care Brings the Assistance of a Facility to the Comfort of Home

Nov 6, 2017 by Clark Bongaardt

In-Home Care: A Blessing for the Sandwich Generation


Krystal wore an expression of anxiousness on her face over the last couple of months. When her friend asked what was bothering her, Krystal finally opened up about her scenario. Her aging mother’s health was degrading and not being able to take care of her with her children around was bringing her down.


She was concerned that she was not succeeding in the role of a daughter, nor a mother and this was tearing her up on the inside. Krystal was feeling something that is a classic problem of the sandwich generation.


What is the Sandwich Generation?


This is the generation well into their thirties and forties who are in charge of both caring for their aging parents and raising their children. This can be very challenging, especially for people that also have a full-time job that they also have to manage.


In-Home Care an excellent choice that can assist the sandwich generation to breathe easy.


Let’s consider some of the issues faced by the sandwich generation which could be resolved by employing an in-home care service.


Being sandwiched between two generations that you must care for, has an enormous impact on your career.


Raising children, and senior care can require lots of energy, which will leave you exhausted at work. By utilizing the services of in-home care and assisted living, you can relax.  You will no longer have to stress about your aging loved ones being home alone without any assistance.


According to a survey conducted by American Psychological Association in 2007, the sandwich generation is more stressed than any other age group. One of the causes of this stress is difficulty finding the time for both your parents and your kids.

In-home care can reduce your stress and be a tremendous asset. Once the responsibility of your elderly parents is taken off your shoulders, you will have one less thing to stress over, without feeling bad about it.


Businesses are significantly affected by absent employees and workday interruptions. Part of the reason for the sandwich generation not being at work is many times to take care of an elderly loved one. This can impact their entire career and future goals.


Without training and a lot of patience, it's hard to care for the elderly. They can act like a child all over again, and it can sometimes be very aggravating. Especially when you have kids at home, you must take care of too.


It becomes stressful for the sandwich generation to maintain after-school classes for children, and hospital visits for the elderly family member. Planning care for kids and parents simultaneously can legitimately impact your health. It’s impossible for the same person to be in two different places at one time.


In-home care assures that your elderly loved ones are not lonely. When you are not in the best degree of health, loneliness can be an issue. Interactive caregiving ensures that they have companionship at all times.


Sometimes, the medical needs of elderly loved ones might suggest you must to have some medical expertise available. It’s helpful to engage in-home services to ensure there will be a trained professional around the house at all times, and doctors just a phone call away.


In-home care would help the elderly spend time in the comfort of their own home, compared to a care center. Taking them out of their comfort zone might trigger depression. Just one more benefit of using in-home care services.


Caring for a dependent loved one can be physically and emotionally demanding.  It is difficult to see your parent's health worsen over time. They are prone to getting depressed and developing diabetes, and coronary diseases. Any given in-home caregiver is trained well enough to assist with their daily needs post operation and also monitoring their vitals.  


Comfort Keepers is staffed with professional caregivers who will provide quality care to you or your loved one. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about what in-home care has to offer feel free to contact us at (610) 543-6300.

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