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5 Advantages of Assisted Living in the Home vs a Senior Care Facility

Apr 16, 2018 by Clark Bongaardt

5 Advantages of Assisted Living In The Home


If you or a loved one is having trouble living independently, it can be a frustrating experience. Tasks that were once routine have now become major chores, and it can sometimes seem overwhelming to just take things day by day. However, if someone is willing to accept help, it's often possible to stay at home, and to enjoy life fully, rather than moving to an assisted care facility before you're ready to. All you need to do is arrange for in-home care.


Some of the advantages of assisted living in the home include...


#1: A Familiar Place

No one wants to go to a group home where they feel out of place, or like they're giving up their independence. By staying in your home as long as you can, you'll feel more comfortable with your surroundings. This can make a big difference when it comes to your health, but also to the amount of stress you're under. It's easier to deal with life changes, illness, and other obstacles if you're in a place where you feel secure and comfortable.


#2: Remaining Part of The Community

A senior knows their neighborhood, and staying where they are means they can remain plugged-in to the life they've been building. In addition to being in their own home, someone can keep the same neighbors, go to the same parks, and enjoy the same area they're familiar with. Everything from being close to their family, to knowing which restaurants offer delivery, can make aging in place that much easier on someone. With interactive caregiving, our caregivers ensure that your senior is able to stay involved in the community.


#3: Maintaining a Sense of Independence

When you live in an assisted care facility, it's hard to feel like you're really in control of your life anymore. You're stuck on the facility's schedule, and you can feel like the staff is in charge of you. Assisted at-home care, on the other hand, is more like having a caretaker who is there to help you. You are still able to live your own, independent life, and you can discuss with your caregiver what you need, and what you want.


#4: You Get Individualized Attention

When you're in a live-in facility, it can sometimes feel like you get lost in the shuffle. There are new staff members coming and going all the time, and the shifts change to the point where you have to constantly get used to new people. With the various services offered, though, you tend to have the same person over the long-term. So you can get used to one caretaker, or at most a small number, and you can develop a relationship with them so that you can work together. Additionally, when you only have the one caretaker on-hand, they won't have to leave you to go see to another client. It's just the two of you for the time you have allotted.


#5: Help When You Need It, Privacy When You Don't

One of the best parts of having an in-home caretaker is that they provide for your needs, but they aren't there 24 hours a day. If you only need some help, like someone to prepare your meals, help with household chores, and to make sure you take your morning medication, then you don't need to have someone looking over your shoulder every minute of the day. You can live your life, and maintain your privacy, once your caretaker's duties for the day are done. This is something you can't do in a live-in care facility as readily.



These are just a few of the advantages of in-home care for seniors from Comfort Keepers. If you still need help deciding whether in-home care is right for you, or your loved ones, all you have to do is contact us today at (610)-543-6300!


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